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Surprise Yourself

#Trust30 Prompt: Surprise yourself. Think of a time when you surprised yourself. How will you surprise yourself this week?

A governor of a city sent a messenger to a wiser ruler to gain advice on how to safely govern his city. When the messenger arrived and requested the counsel of the ruler, the ruler took him out to the wheat fields on the outskirts of town. While continually asking the messenger his reason for coming the ruler kept cutting off the tallest ears of wheat he could see, until he had destroyed the best and richest part of the crop. He then sent the messenger back to his governor. The messenger conveyed the confusing encounter and recounted the strange actions the ruler had taken. The governor understood and went out and killed those of influence in his town. 

As a stranger to New Zealand one of the first points of orientation given to me was about a phenomenon known as the ‘tall poppy syndrome.’ The phrase originates from an ancient variation of the story told above.  The syndrome is described as the tendancy to cut down those that are successful or stand out.  The syndrome results in both internal and external resistance to the pursuit of greatness or success. 

Tall poppy syndrome is a rotten fruit of the Resistance.

Tall poppy syndrome is the result of a group of people letting the Resistance speak through them.

Tall poppy syndrome is by no means confined to a corner of the Pacific. Its wide spread. The first time I heard about it I realised I do that to myself all the time. 

Have you ever let yourself dream until it required some form of commitment. Then you rip it and yourself apart; interrogating ourselves with “Who do you think you are?”

You surprise yourself when you discover there is more in you than you had previously thought. 

Or more likely, you surprise yourself when you do something that you hadn’t let yourself believe was possible.

You surprise yourself when you risk your neck; when you rise above your safe norm.

Some of my surprises:

1. Finishing my engineering degree

2. Asking my wife out 

3. Getting a job and moving to New Zealand

4. Sharing my stories with a group of people

My challenge: I will attempt to respond to a prompt with poem this week. 

How will you surprise yourself?

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